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Super Mario Run Review. Classic Fun Redefined


Just like the name suggests, Super Mario Run is a superb video game. This app is available for both iOS devices and Android mobile. It is simple to play, exciting and you can get addicted to it quickly. Super Mario Run also has excellent graphics. Keep reading

How to Become More Intelligent and Erudite with Trivia Crack. Read The Review!

Board, Puzzle and Trivia

From Angry Birds to Clash of Clans: the mobile gaming world has broadened dramatically since media giants launched Google Play and App Store 10 years ago. And I would definitely say that Trivia Crack can be added to the list of the most popular and catchy mobile games. Just look at the figures: it has more than 100 million gets worldwide.

Trivia Crack is a quiz where players answer questions in a wide range of subjects from six categories including history, geography, art, etc., chosen by spinning an online wheel. As users answer more questions, they unlock characters and compel against other virtual players.  

Let’s talk graphics

When you install the Google Play app you’ll be asked to connect it to your Facebook account. It’s pretty convenient as you already see which of your friends has it. Users can also create an account via email address. As soon as you create an account you’ll see a detailed overview of the quiz with arrows pointing to the necessary buttons.

In the center of the screen you’ll see a colorful wheel: just spin it, and a chance will select a question from six categories. The quiz has two modes: Classic and Challenge. When you play Classic, you can answer correctly as many times as you can. The next screen will show a question with four possible answers. In the corner of the screen is a countdown timer. Select one of the options and submit your answer within thirty seconds. When your answer is not correct, then it’s your opponent’s’ turn. The crown icon means you can pick a category for another question. So, the crown questions matter most. When you collect all six characters, you win the battle. If neither participant has collected all characters after 25 rounds, the game ends, and the player with the most characters is the winner.

Challenge mode supposes you play against random players. If a player answers the most questions correctly within the fewest amount, he’ll become a winner.

Key Features

These are the main reasons why you should install the quiz right now:

  • Thousands of interesting questions to broaden your horizons.
  • More than 20 languages available.
  • Chat with competitors.
  • Players renew question themselves: they can make their own or rate questions of other users, as well as translating tasks into different languages.
  • As the app is connected to Facebook, you can play with your friends.
  • Check your progress using Achievements on the main menu.

The gameplay is pretty addictive as you answer both easy and extremely difficult questions and become more erudite. The most appealing thing is that users create questions themselves using the Question Factory on the menu.

Although there is no extra charge to begin playing, you have to pay some money to get rid of the ads. In the app’s latest version the developers improved the interface and fixed some bugs. The app is currently available on iOS, Android and Windows.


  • Get for free via Google Play or App Store;
  • Fun and challenging;
  • Users can play the quiz over a couple of days.


  • Contains ads;
  • In-app and pay-to-win purchases of coins and spins that gives users an unfair advantage;
  • The premium version which removes ads is not free.


The app is definitely a good time waster and real fun for the whole family. If you hadn’t played it yet, you need to start right now. But don’t be surprised if your opponents win too fast: they might have bought some expensive upgrades and additional spins.

Keep your Brain Hard with Sudoku Mobile App. Read The Review!

Board, Puzzle and Trivia

Sudoku is a logic number-placement game which is popular among children and adults. Volcano Entertainment has developed a convenient and easy-to-use Android app for exercising your brain.  As you probably know, the core of the puzzle is to fill a 9×9 square with the digits from 1 to 9 so that they would never repeat in each 3×3 area, each column, or each row. Each puzzle has a single solution. You’ll never get bored with this, right?

Boost your logic skills

Unlike various versions of Sudoku available online, the app teaches users and helps to improve their skills. It gives some hints and detailed instructions at each step of the game. It also contains useful animation and colorful visual effects. The main menu has the following options: New Game, Continue Game, Career, Online Puzzle and Custom Puzzle. Start with the easiest level and track your statistics. The game consists of eight levels, from the beginner to the expert. The app’s usability is quite good: simple input methods, appealing graphics, and clear controls.

As each game has a particular solution, I doubt whether it is worth replaying. Just start another game and exercise your brain!

The app is compatible with Android. If you have an iPhone, try similar versions of Sudoku in App Store.

Let’s have a look at the app’s key features:

  • I’d say it’s a catchy puzzle, and its tutorial mode explains any solution. Even if you haven’t played the game before, you’ll learn how to deal with it within a few clicks.
  • Statistics on your progress. Users can track their progress and try more difficult levels with complicated solutions. You can also try various modes, i.e. X or Color. On the whole, more than 15,000 puzzles are available.
  • Users can share their progress with their friends or other users.
  • You can update the puzzle directly from the server without reinstallation.
  • Custom puzzle allows creating your own Sudoku.
  • During the game you can select digits to get a hint, delete digits by double click, and use various bonuses, for example, checking mistakes. Incorrect digits are highlighted.

Users opinion

Most users feel satisfied with the app’s various options and features. However, some hints are not free, which may be irritating. It’s much more convenient than solving puzzles in newspapers where you cannot have enough place for writing down digits if you have made a few mistakes.  

Earlier users complained that the video ads play too loud and the sound cannot be turned off. Now the ads are mute if the mobile phone or tablet PC is in mute, too. I must admit that this feature definitely reduced users’ annoyance. Unfortunately, if you want to get rid of the ads forever, it’ll be an extra payment.

In the app’s latest version the developers also refined anti-cheating feature and fixed some bugs.


  • Get for free via Google Play.
  • User-friendly design and colorful graphics.
  • Ability to share progress with friends via Twitter or Facebook.
  • Automatic save if you decided to take a time-out.
  • Game timer.
  • Dark mode to protect your eyes.
  • Endless undo/redo to make sure you are on track to win the battle.


  • Ads after each game.
  • In-app purchases.


Sudoku is a very interesting puzzle which develops your logical skills. Whether you are a novice or an expert, you’ll definitely fall in love with the app. A huge collection of more than 10,000 puzzles will entertain you any time. The auto-check functions will let you find errors at once. Compare your scores against friends and other players and arrange a competition!

Minecraft Review. Create, Explore, Survive


The Minecraft app for Android mobile and iOS devices is a video game that enables you to create structures such as homes and castles. It is not only entertaining but also educative. It requires a lot of creativity, and this ultimately helps to sharpen your thinking. Keep reading

Real Chess Review. Explore Your Creativity

Board, Puzzle and Trivia

If you are looking to have an authentic experience playing chess, you should try Real Chess. Just as the name suggests, this Android app incorporates high-quality functionality that gives you an incredible experience. It also allows you to connect with more than 1,000,000 users around the globe.

The Perfect Blend

My search for a chess application with high-quality graphics came to a halt when I found out about the Real Chess app.  This Google Play app for Android devices utilizes enhanced 3-Dimensional graphics. While using it, you will notice the interactive nature created by the developers. The graphics make the game appear as though it is real. On your device, you can play this game either in the landscape or the portrait mode.  

Choose Your Opponent

For this Google Android app, you register and get to play with several registered players. The game uses a similar concept to that of the real-life chess. The movements of the pieces and the measurement of performance are identical. Additionally, there are over 2,400 levels that range from novice to expert. Real Chess can be quite challenging; but with time, you increase your chances of winning.

Streamlined Controls

Executing controls on the Real Chess is very easy. They are up-to-date and convenient for this game’s genre. Throughout the different levels, you use a similar pattern and concept. Therefore, if you are playing for the first time, all you have to do is master the fundamental skills to progress to later levels. Controlling is also facilitated by the high level of intuitiveness maintained in this leading app. Playing chess is something that is relatable to many people. While the controls don’t get in your way, keep in mind that your progress depends on the skills that you possess.

With every replay, you learn new ways of executing moves. With time, you can become an expert and thus pose a threat to your opponents. Ultimately, you will have an excellent experience with the game.

Real Chess can be geted for free. It contains in-app purchases that will help you streamline your overall experience.


  • You can choose whether to play with the Artificial Intelligence of the app or real opponents;
  • Provides hints for novices;
  • The 3D graphics are an eye candy.


  • Real Chess contains interruptive ads;
  • Just as the name suggests, Real Chess may be too challenging for some;
  • Lacks a tutorial for beginners.


I would recommend Real Chess to any person who wants to try out an enhanced virtual version of chess. I always love tough challenges like games where you have to think hard before making a move. Real Chess is hard, but the best thing about it is that winning gives you a sense of pride. I often feel like I am a conqueror. To enjoy this game, you should have some background knowledge about chess. Otherwise, you will become frustrated. For increased convenience, update to the latest version of this app.

Chess Review. Become The Master

Board, Puzzle and Trivia
Chess can be learned very fast, but mastering the art is challenging. The Chess app for iOS and Google Android devices gives you an opportunity to learn and enjoy playing chess. It provides you with 12 levels of difficulty and lets you engage in multiplayer matches.

Simplistic yet Classy Design

This iOS and Google Play app for Android devices has very incredible graphics. They seem to be very simple but have been appropriately integrated to emphasize the theme of the game. It is impressive that you can change the colors of the game pieces. Its general, appearance is that of a real-life chess game. The developers of this game have done an excellent job by using graphics that cause an immersive experience.

This iOS and Android app utilizes a similar experience to that of the standard chess game. It allows for multiplayer matches. I find this leading app convenient for handling two-player matches. There are 12 levels of difficulty that you can explore. The latest version comes with two modes: the casual mode and the pro mode. If you choose the casual mode, the app will offer a lot of guidance as compared to when you select the Pro mode. Therefore, this gameplay is excellent for novices to learn. Graphics deserves the score 7.5/10. 

Everything You Need Is There

This app’s controls are up to date and convenient for its genre. The guidelines are clear and concise. The casual mode, for instance, allows you to use the game’s help especially if you are a beginner. The Chess Tutor function will enable you to control your movements easily. These features elevate the level of intuitiveness with the game. Therefore, navigating does not get complicated for the user. Consistency is also something that characterizes chess. The same concept is used throughout the different levels. The gameplay’s mark is 8/10.

A Lust for Replay

Every time you launch Chess, you accomplish tough challenges, and this gives you a fantastic and creative experience, motivating you to complete another game.

Chess comes in two versions. One of them can be got for free. This one contains in-app purchases that allow you to unlock new levels and collect rewards. The other version is the one you have to purchase. Updating to this version enables you to play with fewer ads and full game features. The score of the replay value is 8 out of 10.


  • Chess supports multiple matches at once;
  • It has a very convenient interface;
  • It allows in-game chat.


  • Can be frustrating, especially when you lose several times;
  • The free version contains many ads that are interruptive;
  • It is not unique.


I would recommend Chess to any person willing to learn the game or become a pro. I think that this Chess app is most suitable for people who have a background in chess. Otherwise, you will waste a lot of time trying to figure out the rules and tricks of the game. Learning about the general aspects of this game is very easy. However, you must sharpen your skills. Otherwise, you will have an awful experience with this app.

Okey Plus Review. Become the Okey Master

Board, Puzzle and Trivia

If you are looking for a leading online game where you can play against more than 1 million people, you should install Okey Plus on your Google Android or iOS device. This app allows you to play the Okey Game and chat with Facebook friends.

More Than Okay Looks

This iOS and Google Play app for Android mobile has incredible graphics. It contains different stories which come in different genres such as comedy, fiction, and romance among others. The background music puts you in the mood for winning. You also get to choose your favorite soundtrack.

Both on the iOS and Android app, Okey Plus is basically a game with different stories. Once you join, you have two choices. Either you join a game room that is already occupied by friends, or you create your own. You then set the amount of money you are willing to bet and start playing. You can connect with over 1 million Facebook users with this app.

Slick Controls Implementation

The controls of this game are up-to-date and suitable for its genre. The game has a highly interactive user interface. The consistency maintained allows you to master the art of playing and winning. The tips are very clear and concise so that even as a beginner you can know what is expected at every level. The execution of moves is also enhanced by the high level of responsiveness in the game. Clicking a button or executing an action is instant. The game does not freeze. Chatting with the players is also very easy and fast. Updating to the latest version guarantees you the ultimate convenience.

Perfect Long-Term Option

I can play this game repeatedly without getting bored. Replaying provides me with an opportunity to learn new skills and become an expert at it. I also get to chat with several people virtually.

Okey Plus can be installed for free and contains in-app purchases for unblocking new storylines and characters. These purchases come with in-game currency. However, they are quite costly as they range from $0.99 to $99.99.


  • You chat with and play against over 1 million people;
  • The game is very interactive and provides an immersive experience;
  • It is straightforward to play.


  • Okey Plus can only be played while online;
  • The constant ads can get very dull and make controls inconvenient;
  • The in-app purchases are expensive.


I can recommend Okey Plus to people above the age of 12. Whenever I am tired or bored, playing Okey Plus acts as a stress relieving strategy. Chatting with friends makes me feel connected to the world. However, it seems more like a gambling game, and this explains why it can become addictive at times. I also dislike the expensive in-app purchases. They are meant to make the game exciting; and if they are not affordable, then you will not enjoy playing this game as much. But this should not make you hesitate to play this game.

General Knowledge Quiz Review. Test Your IQ

Board, Puzzle and Trivia

Do you know your general knowledge proficiency? If not, why don’t you try General Knowledge Quiz? This is an Android app that allows you to answer questions about general issues. It is not only entertaining but educative as well.

Bare Necessities

This Google Play app for Android devices uses high-quality yet bare-bones graphics. As is with educational materials, this app does not have appealing looks. The color combination and appearance of words depend on the type of questions asked or the subject.

General Knowledge Quiz for Google Android requires you to answer questions that come from a vast range of subjects. The topics include history, humanities, geography, literature, technology, arts and science among other general questions. Upon answering, you are given a score.  Interestingly, you can compare your results with those of other players.

This leading app is straightforward to use. The controls are up-to-date and suitable for the General Knowledge Quiz game genre. A high level of consistency characterizes the user interface. A similar pattern of selecting the topic and answering the questions is quite elementary. Therefore, you cannot get confused on how to play this game. Each and every question is connected to a Wikipedia article. After answering, you can get more knowledge about the question. The level of intuitiveness and immersion into the game depends on your knowledge. Some questions might be challenging while others can be answered effortlessly.  

Worthy of Replays?

It is always fun to play this game again because you get to jog your mind as you learn new things.

General Knowledge Quiz app is free to install on your Google Android devices. It contains in-app purchases of unlocking levels and rewards. Unlocks and rewards give you an enhanced experience with the app.


  • It is enjoyable to play.
  • General Knowledge Quiz is educative. You get to increase your knowledge about global and historical issues.
  • You can guess the answers since the multiple choices are provided.


  • Can be frustrating. The wrong answers attract higher losses, while the right answers only attract few gains.
  • This app is mostly based on trivia about Britain. Other people from the world are left out.
  • There is a lot of repetition of the questions.


I can recommend this game to any person who wants to increase their knowledge about general facts. General Knowledge Quiz is a leading game. I find it very educative and fun. Even though the app suggests that the questions are general, they are not. You have to think very hard to answer the questions. Most of them are based on aspects regarding Britain. I guess this complexity is what makes it fun to play. If you do not have the General Knowledge Quiz, you are missing out on an exciting and tough challenge. Updating to the latest version can also increase the usability of the app. Occasionally, the developers add new features to facilitate convenience.

Full Review of The Chase – Official GSN App. Feel the Game Show Thrill

Board, Puzzle and Trivia

The popular iTV quiz show with your famous five is finally here on your Google Android or iOS devices. Now you too can take on The Chaser through this official app. Test the limits of your brainpower as you avoid getting caught by The Chaser and win mad cash too! 

Familiar Aesthetic

The app design is simple, elegant and game show reminiscent. The home page has a dominant red background with ‘The Chase’ marked as a brilliant header. You have buttons for Play, How to Play and Statistics on the home page. Going into Play-mode will bring in a blue background with the face of The Beast at the top. The leaderboard is also simply designed, and the graphics are overall cool. The score of the visuals is 7 out 10!

Diverse Gameplay

The game features almost 6,000 questions, all derived from the real game show. You answer general questions to test you and build your cash before going against The Beast in the final chase. You have to work really fast to avoid being caught by The Beast. You can play with up to 4 players on one device. The levels you need to pass through are the Cash Builder, The Chase, and the Final Chase.

Your scores will go into the leaderboards including how much money you have, your achievements and other game-centre stats. On occasion, The Chaser will answer incorrectly which makes the game even more exciting. The gameplay deserves the mark is 8/10.

The input selection and tapping the choice answers is convenient for this game genre. Just tap to select the correct answer once you have read the question and voila! Your answer is input into the leaderboard. With a large screen; the controls become even more fluid.

The get is free for both the Android and iOS, although you’ll need to make in-app purchases if you want to get extra questions on TV, Movies and Sports categories.

Worth a Replay?

I’d definitely replay the game again because of how realistic it feels; it’s just like the actual TV show. It gets a bit disappointing when you can’t beat The Chaser because of the lag time due to the touch input mechanism. The game creators should reconsider this part of the design. The score of the replay value is 7.5 out of 10.


  • True-to-life performance on both iOS and Android app;
  • One of the leading trivia games you’ll find on any app;
  • Thousands of questions.


  • The lag time between reading and answering the questions isn’t taken into account especially during The Chase;
  • Questions become repetitive;
  • Graphics are too slow even with the latest version.


I give the Google Play app for The Chase and its App Store counterpart a big thumbs up. Apart from a few glitches with the speed and the lag time mentioned, the game is thoroughly enjoyable, and you’ll get a blood rush just playing. With the latest update, you’ll have some of the glitches being resolved such as the slow graphics but the lag time just won’t go away. You’ll obviously get frustrated at not being able to beat The Chaser because there just isn’t enough time to read through the questions, but the thrill still remains. Overall, a great app that’s designed to engage you completely.

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Looking for an ASO specialist, but not ready to pay a fortune for his services? Then freelance ASO specialist is likely the perfect match for you!

Packages: iOS ASO $350 / Google Play ASO $375 / PREMIUM ASO $600

Read about me and my services, contact me: [email protected] or +1 347 773 2924